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“I started this agency with the purpose to serve and protect. Having a family of my own, I understand the constant battle of trying to be everywhere to protect those I love, but I know it is not easy doing it alone. When our mind is focused on making sure the kids lunch is packed, or who is going to pick up the dry cleaning, we don’t always have the time to worry about the unexpected. We pay for insurance every month and we hope we never need to use it, until it becomes the reason we are healthy again. My wife and I suffered a terrible motor vehicle accident from which we never thought we would recover from. It took a toll on us physically, emotionally, and economically. Thankfully we had the right coverages that enabled us to restore ourselves back to working condition and continue our lives. Having a background in the legal field, I know this is not always the case, which is why I decided to focus my life’s work at the root of the problem. Informing you and as many as I can to choose the insurance policy that will protect you properly."

Afton Wight

CEO - The Wight Agency, LLC



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