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Stay with your insurance carrier! Just switch agents!

The Wight Insurance Agency is dedicated to being available to you when YOU need to talk. We understand that everyone has their own schedule and sometimes when it's best for you, it's not best for your agent. That shouldn't be the case. 

If you find yourself constantly needing to reschedule your appointments due to time conflicts, always getting the voicemail, not being heard when you have concerns or questions about your insurance, or even help adding things to your policy, maybe it's time for a change. 

Does your agent discuss all of your coverage options? Do they describe the pro's & con's of the coverages you might feel most comfortable with? Are they willing to come to you and outline what is in your best interest regardless of what that might mean for their commission? Will they sit on the phone or in person with you to help you sign on to your insurance profile for the first time? If you ever have a claim, do they want to talk with you or will they refer you directly to the claims department?

If you are insured by any of the carriers listed below, Upgrade to an agent who will be there when YOU need it. 

Safeco | Travelers | Nationwide | Progressive | Liberty Mutual | Dairyland | Hagerty | American Modern | MetLife | Anthem & BlueCross | MassMutual | Humana | The Hartford |BTIS | Hiscox | CNA | Rockwood | RPS

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