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Why you choose us everytime!

At The Wight Insurance Agency, we make getting insurance for your boat as simple as possible. We work the best carriers in the nation who insure almost any type of boat, including vessels that don’t fit the textbook definition such as sailing dinghies, catamarans, trimarans, etc. We even insure your racing sailboat! 

No Depreciation on Partial Losses

Our insurance promise is straightforward: we will always fight for you! We will make sure your carrier pays what it costs to return your vessel to its pre-accident condition or better. 

This gets you better coverage and fewer out-of-pocket costs.

For example, let’s say your sail is damaged in a covered loss. It’s older and has a current market value of $250. But, a brand new one costs $750. If we can’t repair it properly, we’ll replace it with a new one. That could mean a $500 difference for you.

This coverage for your sailboat is automatically included at no extra cost. This covers more than your vessel, including rigging equipment, sails, electronics, etc.

Agreed Value Coverage

Sailboat values vary widely depending on model, customizations, age and sometimes even vintage value. So we offer agreed value coverage to make sure your sailboat is fully protected even down to the last penny and customization.

When you get your sailboat insurance quote, just tell us the current market value of your vessel. This will always be printed in your policy documents, and in the event of a total loss, we’ll pay this amount. In addition, you’ll never be required to lower the agreed value on your policy.

Less Restrictions

After binding a boat insurance quote, you’re automatically covered on all rivers and lakes in the U.S. and Canada as well as ocean waters within 75 miles of the coast. Other insurers may ask you to complete a navigation plan that details where you’re sailing. We don’t. You can just go out and sail freely.

This freedom comes standard and doesn’t increase your sailboat insurance rate at all.

Insurance Limitations for Boats & Personal Watercrafts:

Overall, our carriers have very broad acceptability for what they insure. But there are some limits:

  • Boats over 50 feet in length or worth more than $350k in value
  • Boats 11-20 years old can be insured for up to $250k
  • Boats more than 20 years old can be insured for up to $40k
  • Note: that in some hurricane-prone states, the limits can be 35 feet and $175,000 in value
  • PWCs worth more than $27,000
  • Boats with max speed exceeding 75 mph (or bass boats up to 90 mph)
  • Boats that do not meet published U.S. Coast Guard standards
  • Boats used as a primary residence (Live Aboards)
  • All amphibious land boats, hovercraft or airboats
  • Homemade boats without a serial number
  • Houseboats that do not have motors
  • Boats with more than two owners
  • Steel or wood hulls

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